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NODEN, Anti-fever Supplement with Antiviral Properties
Fever is a natural body response to an infection.  Fever in itself is not a disease but if not properly managed, in extreme circumstances can severely affects normal brain functions resulting in seizures and coma.  While extreme effects of fever are rare, dehydration is common and fever in general causes discomfort affecting good quality rest.  A number of fever medications are available as over the counter (OTC) medications.  But most of these medications are known to have serious potential side effects.  Aspirin for example causes Reye's syndrome in children, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can cause severe liver damages.  Alternatively, Chinese traditional medicine practitioners have over the centuries been prescribing a number of herbal concoctions as remedies for fever.  These preparations are often consisted of various herbs.  Perhaps not knowing to them then, a number of these herbs actually worked not for its intended purpose to 'cure' fever but actually acted on the infective agents that caused or triggered the fever.  One such herbal plant is the Scutellaria baicalensis also commonly known as Baikal skullcap.  The plant has been prominently featured for the 'treatment' of fever in many traditional Chinese medicines.  Various preparations consisting of the herbal plant have been safely consumed over the centuries.  In a recent study, extract of the Scutellaria baicaIensis alone was shown to be effective in inhibiting dengue virus replication (1).  Advanced research into its potential bioactive components has led to the identification of at least two biologically active compounds; baicalein and baicalin, both are natural flavonoids that have been shown to possess strong natural antiviral properties.  Baicalein has been shown to reduce flu virus infections and effective in reducing dengue virus replication (2,3).  Baicalin the metabolite of baicalein also possesses strong antiviral properties including against dengue virus replication (2,4).  The present of these two bioactive compounds in the naturally prepared Scutellaria baicaIensis extract would explain its effective anti-dengue virus replication properties.  While currently there is no effective medication specific against dengue, regularly taking supplement consisting of the Scutellaria baicaIensis extract such as NODEN could help one maintain good health and well-being and manage fever caused by virus infection.


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Traditionally used for relief of fever


Take 3 capsules, 2-3 times daily 


Extracts from Radix Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi  (黄芩)




MAL #  15070045TC 



Key Benefits

  • Purely herbal
  • Has been traditionally used as natural fever remedies 
  • Contain natural effective antiviral constituents
  • Scientifically proven to reduce virus replication
  • Contain no toxic ingredients

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