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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Li Chengzhi was in the University of Pennsylvania as a visiting scholar, he noted that in the early 1980s, Nike is not the American mainstream brands, when the United States or Reebok sporting goods world. Nike University of Pennsylvania staged a laboratory, biomechanics professor Kavanagh with a large contingent in helping Nike do ergonomics and body mechanics experiments. Nike does not own factories in the world, it only caught two departments, brand marketing and product development departments. Nike brand is the rise in the mid-1980s. "1984, Nike signed Michael Jordan, Jordan brought the Nike brand's leap in the United States and American street teenagers campus, regarded as the supreme idol Michael Jordan of basketball, they love All Jordan when Jordan wearing Nike shoes when flying in the field, Nike has become a lightning hook teenagers totem 1980s American children grew up wearing Nike shoes regarded as an honor. "said Li Chengzhi . Ding Zhizhong said that when I was a teenager wanted to wear Nike shoes. But after becoming an adult Anta helm when he found out like lightning to create a hook as symbols repeat itself difficult. "Today the dream has depreciated badly, like a dream seven teams have a little dreamy colors. Today's young players getting strong air jordan 11 space jam for sale er personality, they are not the same as Michael Jordan and other countries in order to honor no money to play a game they will because of fear of injury, or other personal reasons not to play the game. "Li Chengzhi said," China's young people born in the 1980s had a similar situation, they have a wayward personal preferences, play fast and loose, to Nothing brand loyalty. "But Jordan's era has passed, now is the Focus era, Anta and Li Ning can not do anything with one superstar to solve problems. Anta and Li Ning, the Chinese, although the world's largest groups of young people, but to "Leaves of Grass" (Li Ning logo) and "Dolphin" (ANTA flag) as their totem worship still long way to go. In addition to the reasons of personality, a new generation of young people living in the city in a developed IT world, they are well aware of the top brands in the world, they can easily come into contact with the world's cutting-edge lifestyle. In this sense, Li Ning and Anta to catch Nike and Adidas, an international imperative. However, Li Ning has just broken an international problem. Li Ning, the "internationalization" of the real significance lies in the main improvements in local competitiveness. As Li Ning Zhang Zhiyong, CEO pointed out, "We have to catch up with Nike and Adidas, ambition and passi buy cheap jordans online on, but to do things to go step by step." However, Li Ning, the situation of some subtle, at home, Li Ning Under international and domestic brands have been in the attack: Nike, Adidas won the Chinese market sales of the top two, but in the back, Anta and other struggling to catch up. ANTA brand promotion tactics are somewhat similar with Adidas. In China, ANTA has been the major domestic league success card, the brand culture achievements provide a platform to display their event sponsorship has to diversity. but on a global scale, "seniority" of events such as the Olympic Games, China's domestic brands are also difficult crossed the threshold. "Li Ning and Anta are in the early stages of brand building, there is a higher brand awareness, but to bring the brand reputation and loyalty needs further efforts."Fashion luxury goods adidas Originals series published jointly OPENING CEREMONY single product 2012-06-13 11:14:54 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 13 hearing, the cooperative movement is not what the theme of the precedent, the two sides earlier in 2010 on the opening of the World Cup in South Africa has teamed before, but this time the Joint unprecedented grand scale, from the apparel products Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale have been totally confusing. 1 2 & nbsp; Related newsAs New Balance introduction to the classic shoes, 574 is a lot of friends,. In recent days, NB has upgraded the classic 574 to a new form in the form of 574 Sport. One type of tongue minimalist design, with Fresh Foam in the end, let the classic 574 regain movement skills package. This figure is a rare white color, "Friends and Family" color, not making the sale. But don't worry about it. It's just a matter of time before more commercially available colors come along. things wash shoes standard, Xihu ecological chain strategy released a 3 era elephant wash shoes care takes a pair of shoes as the entrance, and builds the platform of technology and ecology. How big is the imagination behind it? 6 29, the global shoe washing industry leader "elephant wash shoes" held in Beijing "things United Vientiane, leading the future" eco chain strategy conference. In announcing the angel round ten million yuan financing at the same time, the elephant shoe industry leading "put things together" and with the standard wash shoes, Haier washing, dyeing industry association of industry and Commerce Committee, the government of Shenzhen to start the ceremony of ecological strategy fund. conference, elephant washing shoes founder and chairman Liu cheap air jordans Shuai to show you the washing shoes industry and the status of the derivative field, at present, the industry has hundreds of billions of market capacity. this is an era of interconnected times. Elephant shoes were born in 2012, focusing on high-end footwear / leather cleaning and restoration. Experience and spiritual heritage of 26 years of traditional handmade leather repair, the use of the new era of big data technology, the elephant wash shoes R & D Stanet a form of networking equipment, wisdom wash shoes industry's unique IT system, and the original shoe care products. With the industry's unique technology and service, in 2015 the elephant wash shoes become NIKE designated "designated care service providers". Elephant wash shoes or the world's largest luxury brands, VDH equipment and products of the world's exclusive strategic partner. IOT Vientiane, shoe care linkage ecosystem with the arrival of the era of consumer upgrades, washing shoes market is growing rapidly, "things Vientiane" is the highlight of this eco chain strategy conference. The shoe industry has been severely vertical, and has always lacked standardized solutions for shoes, shoes and washing shoes in shoe shops, laundries and laundries. The shoes washing efficiency is low, uneven quality, lack of industry shoes was Retro jordans for sale hing equipment, workers lack of professional and technical training, and most can not from the outside to the inside of the bacteria, dirt cleaning shoes industry, is a big pain point. in this regard, Liu Shuai began to remember the beginning of Entrepreneurship: "elephant wash shoes, people want to change the traditional habit of washing shoes, and has always adhered to the" to restore the natural color "of the technical concept. Shoe washing industry vertical, traditional, 5 years, because of continuous support from everyone to help, elephant wash shoes from 0 to 1, is now moving toward 100." Now, Haier's first intelligent washing machine, has been through human unity for the footwear care provide standardized solutions. elephant wash shoes choose a good point in time, the starting point, is injected into the traditional industry "in a new way, Pan Wei director of the Federation of industry and Commerce Association and attended the conference, and also released the" standard "things wash shoes, he wants to wash shoes and walk to the elephant together the industry to correct and standard direction to lead to orderly competition. The integration of and downstream in the shoe care to build the ecosystem, general manager of Haier washing industry chain ecological operation Mr. Zhang Tao sh jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ared his views: things era, Haier is committed to. not all dogs can cross-country, Alabama Auburn University Veterinary Medical plan a certified coach said that dogs and humans, the muscles, bones and even heart lung to after training can adapt to exercise. Experts suggest that the pet dog to join the ride before the ranks of their regular physical examination, to develop training programs, and gradually increase the distance cycling. Security should pay attention to the dog to encounter high temperature and extreme weather, the hot pavement may burn the dog's paw, also must pay attention to the replenishment of the dog. the best cycling dogs have the following characteristics: long legs and short nose. The following types of dog friendly and athletic ability, after training, you can 11-19km/h the speed of 10 km cross-country, sprint speed of up to 32-48km/h. Australian Shepherd Pennsylvania dog owners Monica Shifflet cycling, hiking, off-road motorcycle, riding, canoeing, he said the shepherd physically strong, energetic, smart, it will follow you wandering around. But remember, dogs are trained to cattle grazing, occasionally run follow the herd home, this is a tragedy...... Brittany Brittany is full of energy and stamina can cooperate with you to complete the training plan. Smith David, Ne cheap foamposites w Hampshire's dog owner, tied it to the car and let it take a bike. Like most of the hunting dogs, it's hunting instinct will occasionally give you a surprise, so take it on the road or with the rope. Boeing Da dog ()has a strong heart and lung function of the instructions dog is very strong. Its vigilance, keen sense of smell is suitable for the field activity, the hunting desire is strong, pay attention to don't let it too close to the car. Husky is a kind of typical husky dog for long distance events. California, the owner of the dog Schaefer Barbara, can reach 10-12 miles per hour, the active distance of 25 miles. Note summer soothe emotions they love to run, although summer husky hair does not grow more dense, double coat or to a heat caused quite a big obstacle. German Wei dog group is the most flexible, the German Wei dog can not stop for a moment. Not going out for a sport is a nightmare for them. Their short coat and can avoid the temperature too high, independent of the gene and ensure they play finished will obediently came back to find the owner, you need not worry about losing dog.Although Kanye West teamed up with Adidas after the launch of the Yeezy Boost has become the new darling of global trendsetter, but there is no doubt that this fundamental shake Nike Yeezy 2 Air in the s jordan 3 katrina 2018 enior shoe fan heart. The day before the shoes custom Remade game player bring a new customized version for us, this section from Kobe (Kobe Bryant) design from the Losangeles Lakers after retiring in the reconstruction of inspiration, the use of bionic snake skin, leather and sheepskin for the production of raw materials, the classical purple shoes throughout the body, supplemented by the golden shoe buckle embellished, finally carrying white midsole and outsole green closure. qy3mi3pgjlhtqdokrej9.jpg (70.71 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Yeezy 2 Purple Lakers Custom Edition 2016-10-24 upload at 10:03 z8pdivge4h6kyahin3qt.jpg (162.79 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Yeezy 2 Purple Lakers Custom Edition 2016-10-24 10:03 upload Nike, Air Yeezy 2, Purple Lakers, this topic by Tony at 10:04 2016-10-24 generated article 00 item: 897636-901 nike-hyperdunk-2017-low-premium-gum-pack.jpg (198.9 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low Premium Gum series of rubberUpload 08:22 2017-7-20 nike-hyperdunk-2017-low-premium-gum-pack-3.jpg (19〉 Nike recently brought a whole new version of its innovative running shoes, Free Trainer 3, which is designed with a more full vamp, a streamlined design of the past, con jordans on sale online sisting of a simple black and white. The vamp is made of Hyperfuse material with high permeability. At the same time, it is still improved by Flywire. Finally, it is equipped with 3 comfortable and comfortable white Free. nike-free-trainer-3-v3-1.jpg (151.63 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Free Trainer 3 V3 2015-1-1 upload at 10:27 nike-free-trainer-3-v3-2.jpg (148.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Free Trainer 3 V3 2015-1-1 upload at 10:27 nike-free-trainer-3-v3-3.jpg (167.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Free Trainer 3 V3 2015-1-1 upload at 10:27 nike-air-max-1-leather-caviar-1.jpg (76.74 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Max 1 Leather CaviarUpload 09:19 2015-3-17 nike-air-max-1-leather-caviar-2.jpg (75.64 KB, 〉 this time to bring you this pair of multiple exposure KD6 Elite had "EYBL", EYBL Nike Basketball Nike held the elite youth basketball league, following last year's launch of the KD5 Nike Elite "EYBL" version of the NIKE to continue to launch event the new "KD 6 Elite" EYBL "also surfaced. Compared to last year's edition, this year's KD 6 Elite "EYBL" is more fancy shoes with purple and yellow trim, the tongue is EYBL. At present, the authorities have not given any infor jordans on sale mens mation about the shoe sale, whether or not it will be listed is still to be determined. French Open is about to start, Nike has launched Air Tech Challenge II new color, Adidas certainly can not idle, recently launched Y-3 Roland Garros series shoes. walk in the fashion trend of cutting-edge Y-3, the shoes are also particularly into flower pattern, make shoes bloodflesh many ~ then the problem, you want what's wearing this game? [shoes new shoes] - tasting since summer has come, it is time for the cool autumn for new clothes. Recently, the United States famous canvas shoes brand Converse CONVERSE for 2012 autumn and winter series adds Skigrip "Funimal" suit, with downy sports shoes to show the warm touch. There are two kinds of color matching, which are divided into yellow bottom brown spots and white bottom black spots of cow skin veins. 1997, Jordan Brand to enter Chinese, after 20 years of Jordan not only promoted the basketball and tennis shoes culture flourish, witnessed countless basketball enthusiasts love of basketball, a continuation of the spirit of the night. 7 15, Asia's largest Jordan brand flagship store officially settled in Beijing, the JORDAN 9 GUANGHUA stores in Beijing officially opened the place. Named after "Guanghua Road 9" this new flagship store, to bring consumers Jordan Brand the latest and most complete series of products and a new upgrade personalized service. To the scale of "Asia first" to the city, to Jordan in China's twenty years of tribute. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!2017 in July 23rd, the end of the twenty-first stage of the tour de france. Holland teenager Grew Neve Henry (Holland Lotto) sprint success in Champs Elysees Street distance, to win the championship stage at the end of the day. Vroom successfully finish the race, becoming the fifth to win the championship at least three times the driver tour history. the twenty-first stage is the final stage of the tour de france. On this day the first half belongs to honor riding: drivers starting from the Paris suburbs, easy road in Paris major scenic spots, accept the fans a warm welcome, toast and laughter filled the main vehicle group. Go to the center of Paris after the game came to the latter part of the eight circle round, started the final sprint stage to victory. eight laps in the attack, but the game was successfully carried into the group sprint. EU green times Katyusha actively to ride, Lord Christopher brought to the very good position. At the end of the line, Gruber was exposed to the forefront and was forced to sprint early 300 meters before the end! Closely followed by Christopher and Hagen, the position is excellent, but the speed of the two people can not compare with Grew Neve Henry. Another sprint player Cellay Per (Belgian Lotto) momentum is fierce, even more than a few people; unfortunately, his position behind, began to accelerate the time is later, failed to beat Grew Neve Henry at the end of the line. Holland teenager won the first win of his career in a slightly unexpected situation. Cellay Per attended the tour will be recorded on the end stage of the championship for regret. 167 drivers in this stage of , finally finished. Vroom completed the great achievements of three consecutive, following andulan (1991-95), Ann Que Till (1961-64), Burbage (1953-55) and moccus (1970-72) after the history of the five. A total of four time experience, let him follow in Ann Que Till, moccus, eno and andulan (four won the tour de France five times per capita). Vroom's personal achievement legend as; the sky team also achieved a total score of the first group, became the first branch of the British team to do this. Ulam (DELL Canon) has become the highest ranking runner up in his career. Badai (AG2R) taking advantage of a second beat up, for two consecutive years in the total score before the three tour de france. sun network team has become a big winner, they have two drivers on the podium in Paris: Mathews became the third to win the green jersey (Sprint points first) Australian driver; Pakistan Gil became the first man in twenty years to win the polka dot Jersey (climbing integral first French driver). The final shirt was the first for two people. Baqer also won the super dare award. 〈〉With at the foot of the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit accompanied by, Draymond Green won the career of second NBA championship. Nike announced today the specific date of the sale of this championship shoe. this section presents with Flyknit vamp, matches Nike newest React to slow down the shock technology, likes the friend may wish to pay attention. shoes information: Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit release date: August 3rd, 2017 offer price: $160 / 1199 (expected) APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!