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July 5th, industrial and commercial bureau of industry and Commerce Yanshan Dafengshan according to reports from the public, seized an unlicensed shoe factory, seized a total of more than 80 thousand pairs of wooden shoes and semi-finished products, and paint, more than 200 kg. 9 in the morning, the Institute received a report from the masses: some people in Xiangshan District Pingshan village opened a wooden shoes processing plant, a large number of wooden shoes and paint mixed together, easily lead to fire. Law enforcement officers immediately went to Pingshan village, after several twists and turns, only to find processing plants. this processing plant is a three storey building, the bottom of a total of 6 rooms, 3 for the processing room, and the other 3 stacked finished and semi-finished products, the two or three floor for workers and landlords living. Law enforcement personnel at the scene to see where the workers some processing shoes, some in full of sawdust, wood floor paint is a semi-finished products, the entire factory was filled with the pungent smell. in the room where the finished product was finished, six or seven barrels of paint were still placed. Such a fire prone site, but even fire extinguishers are not. At this time, two workers whispered: "we had with the boss said, he said, you are afraid of the fear of death is mo, rich people can not find work?" according to the inquiry, the processing plant for Yongfu County, Yu rented here, opened at the beginning of the year, without any license. Processing of shoes without any mar Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale k, to 3 to 4 yuan each to the urban and County wholesale sales, to obtain illegal profits. The law enforcement personnel according to law instructed to immediately stop processing, and to paint all withheld, more than 80 thousand pairs of wooden shoes finished and semi-finished products were seized. (editor in chief: admin) over the years, the European Union has dealt with China in terms of trade, currency and human rights, but now the European Union has taken a tougher, "American" attitude. the recent EU trade deficit with China has expanded substantially and will probably overtake the US trade deficit with China for the first time; this situation has prompted the European Union to change its attitude towards china. Washington welcomes that. The US government sees the EU as a strong potential ally, saying that the two sides can join forces to persuade China to open its domestic market and allow the renminbi to appreciate, thereby reducing exports. but if change China has made the United States feel difficult, then it is likely to be very difficult for the eu. This is because such strong economies like China can easily use the European differences between countries, between EU Member States dogs strive for. analysts pointed out that China has become a very important growth market for European companies; if the EU tries to limit China's exports, Beijing will be able to retaliate. China could impose more restrictions on foreign investment or raise tariffs on EU imports. economics professor at the Institut D'Etudes Politiques De Paris (Sciences Po) jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black Patrick Messerlin (Patrick Messerlin) said that a heavy fist on China might hit Europe at the same time. at the China Europe summit in Beijing on Wednesday, the European Union fully demonstrated its new attitude towards china. European Union Trade Commissioner Mandelson (Peter Mandelson) said it plans to have "difficult talks" with Chinese government officials". Earlier this week, Mandelson made two tough speeches in Beijing, accusing China of quality problems and inadequate protection of intellectual property rights. according to the news agency, Wu Yi, vice premier of trade in China, said that her comments on Mandelson were "very unhappy" after Mandelson's speech". recently, Mandelson warned that the EU's widening trade deficit with China is a "time bomb" set by policy; it may set off a wave of trade protection measures in europe. At present, the European Union is deciding whether to levy anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel, and threatened to extend the quota period for Chinese textiles. Germany, a major European trading nation, recently challenged China's human rights. )In 2014, Reebok played Pump Fury Rhapsody, the color of the joint was launched countless people too busy to attend to all. But at the beginning of this year, the Rhapsody does not seem to be ending the day before Reebok, has released a new color design Instapump Fury OG. The violet and orange color became the electro-optic protagonist, showing the full dynamic, let a person appear in the dark at the end of the winter, spring and summer will smell a in advance. The shoes now can cheap air jordans be purchased in the online store Suede. reebok-insta-pump-fury-og-violet-black-hot-red-1.jpg (96.91 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Instapump Fury OG new color 2015-1-12 13:39 upload chloroprene rubber, representative, Black, 201400Michael Jordan is a shoe fans earlier showed his personal collection of Air Jordan Charlotte Hornets set, each called rare treasures, and today Jordan Brand officially released the Air Jordan Charlotte 10 Charlotte special edition. This white leather shoes to form, and with purple and blue fabric and collocation, finally combined with CHA ankle embroidery embellishment. item: 310805-107 release date: June 18thPrice: air-jordan-10-retro-charlotte.jpg (164.05 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Special Edition Charlotte 2016-6-11 08:17 upload air-jordan-10-retro-charlotte-3.jpg (276.1 KB, download number: 20) download Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Special Edition Charlotte 2016-6-11 08:17 upload air-jordan-10-retro-charlotte-4.jpg (126.83 KB, download number: 18) download Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Special Edition Charlotte 2016-6-11 08:17 upload air-jordan-10-retro-charlotte-1.jpg (117.43 KB, download number: 19) download Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Special Edition Charlotte 2016-6-11 08:17 upload air-jordan-10-retro-charlotte-2.jpg (109.38 KB, download number: 20) download Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Special Edition Charlotte 20Nike Air Force 1High since its birth is Nike's enduring series, and with more light, better material Lunar launched the Lunar Force 1 series. The launch of the "black buy cheap jordans online color image" in the upcoming September 13th overseas sale, offering the following information: number: 654481-002date: 09/13/14price: $155 attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: sneakernewsCOMME DES GARCONS was in this festive season, to find the world famous footwear brand Bata cooperation, to represent Bata Tennis shoes of modeled, joined the COMME DES GARCONS logo wave point of design, simple and stylish jointly launched the two edition Bata Tennis. Today, from the snow Factory Street, COMME DES GARCONS special shop on sale. dual color Nike gold suction eye nouveau riche Teimpo 94 Undefeated x Maharishi x adidas black and white tiger Originals three party joint shoes : a comment on suction eye nouveau riche double color Nike Teimpo 94 and a Undefeated x Maharishi X: black and white tiger Adidas Originals three party joint shoes Nike recently for its well-known players LeBron James signature shoes LeBron 12 EXT, to create a new "Rubber City" color. The design was inspired by the "rubber city", Akron, and the tire company Goodyear, with the upper shoe made of Hyperposite material, while the black uppers were supplemented with tire textured surfaces for details. The shoes are made of silver, Swoosh, Logo, decorative and bright, and are equipped with light blue tran air jordan 11 space jam for sale slucent outsole, which makes the whole pair of shoes feel outstanding. Love LeBron James Pakistan play, and how can you miss this special boots? Put it on and chop it off! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! What are the different brand director shoes you wear? 2 minutes to tell you: Michael Lau how to become the Hongkong trend toy Godfather ? wet underwear is not enough in spring How to solve the problem in the cheapest way? (with a quick dry underwear tutorial) By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! 6 now the most commonly used hats, how do Japanese shop assistants play? # clerk collocation guide third back to japan! #〉 well-known fashion leading brand Louis Vuitton.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Vuitton Louis Vuitton, the continuation of the previous 2011 spring / summer series of new Acapulco shoes are reported, the new high tube shoes "Tribe" also will be launched, designed with dark green black leather, silver color collocation and LOGO large. V is the main character, has many similarities with the famous French fashion brand Lanvin design shoes. uniform experiment x NSW 2011 New preview Air Force 1 Foamposite aubergine purple edition on sale in February review last article: uniform experiment x NSW 2011 New preview of the next article: Air Force 1 Foamposite aubergine purple version on February a 2010 World Cup fever, mastermind Japan for Adidas Originals to launch a series of sports cheap foamposites goods series, black high wall Hardland high-top shoes through the dexterous hand design on the tongue appears above the big skull logo, tongue also has three middle white stripes on behalf of Adidas Originals. , mastermind, Japan, x, Adidas, Originals, high boots, Trussardi, American national style shoes comments on last article: "Mastermind Japan x adidas Originals high shoes" next article: Trussardi American national style shoes China to discuss the framework of China EU partnership and cooperation agreement , EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson yesterday arrived Chinese, launched his China trip again, he will be in the 5 day visit, to discuss China EU partnership and cooperation agreement framework and China Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai, completed for the start of the Sino EU partnership and cooperation agreement to open up the situation of the mission. , according to reports, Mandelson's core theme of this trip is to persuade China to continue to open up a huge domestic market, and in the protection of intellectual property rights and other specific issues to make further efforts. And urged China to accelerate barriers to foreign investment and to play its role as a fast developing economy, taking on more responsibility. The EU delegation to provide the schedule, scheduled for this month 7 day visit to China Mandelson day arrived in Beijing after the end of the main event in Beijing, he will also take a delegation to attend the 9 held in Chengdu "2006 China - EU trade and investment cooperation fair". During this period, he will preside over the twenty-first mee jordans on sale mens ting of China EU economic and trade cooperation with Bo Xilai. October 24th, the EU issued a special first EU strategy document that China EU partnership and cooperation agreement, which covers the situation, economy, science and technology of China EU political relations and international and regional security, climate change, and mentioned, immigration and many other topics, but the core problem is the new trade policy. it is understood that the current EU legal basis for bilateral relations in 1985 are still the two sides signed the "EU and Chinese trade and economic cooperation agreement", 20 years China on the EU's trade surplus has been expanded to 100 billion euros. Therefore, China and the EU both hope to sign a new trade cooperation agreement in 2007. However, the new trade framework between China and Europe involves too many problems and too many problems. It is impossible for both sides to reach a consensus in a short period of time. Mandelson's visit to China is also a preparation for the China EU bilateral relations negotiations to be launched in January next year. Some analysts believe that, based on this document, Mandelson is likely to raise the bargaining chip, put forward China than in the past "greed" much demand. It is reported that the content may involve intellectual property rights, market access, accounting system, government subsidies, banking system, the RMB exchange rate and government procurement and other sensitive areas of Sino European trade. In the areas where China has divergent or "potential competition" relations, the EU hopes to ac jordans on sale online hieve "win-win" situation through dialogue and coordination. For example, in the area of energy supply and security, in the areas of climate change and sustainable development, in the area of African policy, documents have expressed a willingness to work more closely with china. news background EU)Overview of Adidas under the Department of NMD shoes, in addition to color as if all versions are the same no new ideas, and only the NMD_CS1 brighten. The day before, for this brand again even Andy Lau can't wait on the foot of popular footwear launched a new version, the new use of white shoes as main colors, with grey stripes staggered decoration uppers, finally equipped with white Boost corrosion epicenter bottom, while the sign is a stable block to a white ash present. 056f11faf947527549dee49ac418baed_h1250w1000_min.jpg (193.2 KB, download number: 4) download adidas NMD_CS1 White Grey 2016-6-27 upload 13:55 001f7f715c5e158c1644f5b0e8c91ae0_h1250w1000_min.jpg (182.31 KB, download number: 1) download adidas NMD_CS1 White Grey 2016-6-27 13:55 upload 01e6a576ca1a1e0bfd05925cb4d5ce70_h1250w1000_min.jpg (220.69 KB, download number: 4) download adidas NMD_CS1 White Grey 2016-6-27 upload 13:55 425e296f75f8a47f848fd484e2dc09fc_h1250w1000_min.jpg (552.79 KB, download number: 2) download adidas NMD_CS1 White Grey 2016-6-27 13:55 upload 60a8ed147cf21a0785149329ce8f905d_h1250w1000_min.jpg (420.39 KB, download number: 5) download adidas NMD_CS1 White Grey 2016-6-27 13:55 upload b2754a020 years ago today, the British Princess Diana died in a car accident death Retro jordans for sale of a beauty. said she always around the past is her emotional life and marriage to Prince Charles, "old Camilla", make groundless accusations Valentine...... this situation than the Royal Television drama is also wonderful. is not talking about her emotional entanglements today, looking at her fashion legend. Princess Diana left classic style in the world "princess style" like textbooks, later daughter-in-law Kate, can only hold a candle. from the childhood beauty Diana was a dare to wear, dare to express themselves, married into the royal family, the style has become increasingly sedate, conservative, to cater to the Royal tone. childhood Diana young Diana just married Charles, Prince of , Diana however in Prince Charles was changed, the Royal cold shoulder, she no longer willing to play with, but a combination of fashion trends, bold style, there are some obvious challenges strong sense of style. and Prince separated, Taj Mahal lonely Diana these 20 years after the look is still not out of date today, we can see how advanced it was then. serrated collar anterior frontal band brace overalls oversize hip swing Knee Skirt sweater collocation necklace with bud cap, plaid Plaid Dress, striped cotton pants, Choer necklace with Oxford shirt, retro sweater, BF wind coat with pattern T, with handsome crying short boots, blue checkerboard oversized coat with matching color retro wide brimmed hat the little black dress stunning the world large shoulder pads, luxurious fabrics, metal accessories, dress Greek goddess of light blue strapless dre jordan 3 katrina 2018 ss, the princess also added a scarf, and just feeling too exposed. The pearl set reflects the dignity and propriety of the princess 's "black dress" of the revenge dress comes out of Diane's hand. As the first appearance after Charles's recognition of her relationship with her lover, she perfectly interprets her sexuality and height. "I can face," the arrogance of the gesture has been fully demonstrated, red suits are warm and not too strong, also has some modern people who are not princess, but want noble, dignified and fashionable, wear is very suitable for white-collar office high waisted pencil skirt look very real wear, such as the princess want retro playful wave selection point tops OVERSIZED suit jacket with a dress to wear, suitable for fashionable lady boss 's big sleeve trend this year, the princess has already played 〉 Nike air jordans Favorite Product line Totally from Nike Jordan jogging shoes called plainly the fact that Ticket Jordans certainly label of comfortable shoes for the apartment to Nike. 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