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Our Research
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Extract of Scutellaria baicalensis inhibits dengue virus replication

Traditionally used herbal preparations commonly used by different communities across the world, have been the immediate source of knowledge for further discovery of potentially beneficial phytochemicals. Recently, we showed that several flavonoids including quercetin, fisetin and baicalein possessed significant antiviral activities against dengue viruses (DENV).


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Hepatoprotective Effects of Chinese Medicine Herbs Decoction on Liver Cirrhosis in Rats  

There are many factors that could lead to chronic liver injury and among them are viral infections such as hepatitis C infection, chronic alcoholism, and autoimmune diseases and also due to drug or substance abuses. The present study aims to evaluate the preventive and potential curative effects of a decoction containing 10 Chinese medicinal herbs, HPE-XA-08, in which a number of the herbs have been reported to be useful in supporting liver functions and help to ameliorate liver fibrosis/cancer.



Research Services Agreement between Universiti Malaya and Herbitec (M) Sdn Bhd, an indirect subsidiary of Tanco. 

Herbitec has a patent on an antiviral pharmaceutical composition which has already shown good results in vitro studies against all four serotypes of Dengue and Tanco is excited that this next step will contribute positively to bring an effective therapeutic for Dengue. 


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